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A Letter To Customers From KLOUDS

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How to protect your business from the trade war? You may get answers here.

Dear all my friends and customers,

      I am happy to have the chance to communicate with you all here,but I must indicate that both of us are facing a disquieting condition of global trade and economy,I hope you all have enough mental preparation and solutions.

      Few days ago,the president of the U.S,Trump,launched a big trade war to China with a series of wrongful means which totally broke the rules of fair trade made by the WTO,their aim is to prevent the development and rise of China,and they fear that China is going to take the place of the U.S in the world. In this way,China has been the imaginary enemy of the U.S in their mind wrongly and noiselessly.

      As the trade war progressed,the FED raised interest rates again,US dollars jumped down quickly. Based on the conditions,China launched a counteroffensive immediately and stoutly. However,as the participants of global trade,both of us are suffering right now. The costs of raw materials is still going up,and corresponding devaluation of US dollar makes things worse. Could we stop businesses and stay in bed to wait for the favourable turn? I think it's totally impossible. So our suggestion is to place orders as soon as you can arrange,don't be hesitant,because markets can't wait,customers can't wait,and opportunities can't wait. Please don't waste your money on the worthless wait!
      Thank you,and wish you all a good April!

Yours sincerely,